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National Group Protection, INC (NGP) supplemental benefit plans


NGP Offers the following supplemental benefit plans


Accident protection plans

When incidents result in injury or worse, the costs associated can often exceed a family’s income. An accident protection plan provides benefits for fractures, dislocations, burns, cuts, medical fees, hospital admissions, and more. These benefits are paid directly to you in the event you are involved in an accident. Coverage is available for members and their families, and the plan provides 24-hour coverage (on and off-the-job).


universal/whole life insurance

Universal/ Whole Life Insurance offers permanent life insurance protection, and the opportunity to obtain coverage for members, spouses, dependent children and grandchildren. Coverage for members and spouses is available on a guaranteed-issue basis (no health questions are asked). These life insurance plans are portable. The coverage can continue if you retire or leave your employer for any reason.


cancer & Critical illness insurance

A critical illness plan helps prepare you for the added costs of battling a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. This plan provides a lump-sum benefit for serious illnesses and is paid directly to you. Coverage is available for members and spouses, and dependent children are covered at 50% of the member’s benefit at no extra cost.


hospital indemnity insurance

The hospital indemnity plan provides coverage that can help absorb out-of-pocket expenses related to hospitalizations. The plan pays cash benefits to you for hospital admission, confinement and confinement in an intensive care unit. No health questions are asked to enroll in coverage, and there are no pre-existing condition limitations.


short-term disability

What would happen if you suddenly were unable to work? A short-term disability plan is a way to help cover monthly expenses if you are disabled and cannot work due to an injury or sickness. Benefits are provided in addition to all other sources of income. Plans can be customized the meet the needs of your group.



  • Individual and family coverage available.
  • Benefits supplement existing plans — No coordination of benefits with employer plans.

  • Portable — Benefits can be continued if members retire or leave the company for any reason (except disability insurance).

  • Limited underwriting — No physical or medical exams required for coverage